System Administration

I primarily use Debian/Ubuntu/RedHat ecosystems, along with Ansible or Puppet, or even Chef at home.

my chef cookbooks


I love building simple and composable things with tools like Docker, Ansible and a few custom scripts .

some docker repos - hub

Monitoring & Logging

I used Nagios with Centreon, though I'm learning Riemann. For graphs I love Graphite with Grafana, and I leave my logs in ELK.

Application & Databases

I have experience with Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, and various Rails servers. I like Postgresql and ElasticSearch too. I'd love to try Riak in production someday.

Internal Tools

I'm really an expert in Redmine, though I already managed Jekyll, SPIP, Dokuwiki, Request Tracker and a lot of useful internal tools.

redmine contribs - plugins

Debugging & Performance

I like to track performance issue and debug various problems, using strace, netstat, tcpdump, ... or much high-level tools like Newrelic or Boundary.

Simple monitoring system

A simple monitoring system to replace Nagios for a few dozens machines

made with ruby + ansible + python

Costs dashboard

A dashboard to analyze monthly AWS/OVH costs

made with sinatra + reactjs


Cartoque is an open-source CMDB built for medium scale datacenters - jbbarth/cartoque/2


Klou helps manage postdoc proposals for french PhD's

made with rails + heroku

My blog, once powered by mephisto, simplelog and now nanoc3 on gh-pages - jbbarth/

Cucumber merge

One page app to visualize many cucumber reports in one consolidated page


Monitoring dashboards

Made some custom dashboards at $WORK based on Graphite data

made with graphitejs

La Poutre

A topbar with links and monitoring reports which can be externally injected

made with custom JS + mod_substitute

Redmine plugins for $WORK

Developed some private plugins for $WORK since 2007

see my other plugins here

Drafts plugin

Saves drafts of issues while you edit them so they don't get lost


Refresh plugin

Automatic refresh on important pages in Redmine


Comments plugin

Private comments for your Redmine instance, visible only by allowed roles


Organizations plugin

Hierarchical organizations for big Redmine instances


Notified plugin

Know which people have been notified on a specific issue


Uhoh plugin

Centralized errors & exceptions reporting for your redmine instance


Reminders plugin

Stick reminders (aka postits) on "My Page" so you don't forget important things!


Wiki Backup plugin

Easy backup solution for your Redmine wikis. Allows full mirroring


CMDB plugin

CMDB interface for Redmine : allows you to link issues to your external CMDB


CAS plugin

Authenticate to your Redmine instance through your existing CAS/SSO solution


Sudo plugin

Sudo-like powers for administrators ; you should not be root all the time !


Stronger plugin

Adds additional layers of security for your Redmine instance exposed on the Internet


Watch Project plugin

Adds ability to automatically watch all issues in a project


Notification center

Adds various fine-grained options for redmine notifications


Auto-Private plugin

Force private issues on some projects (where you want privacy between clients)


Base select2 plugin

Base plugin which adds select2 to your redmine instance


Base Deface plugin

Base plugin which adds ability to use Deface (view overrides) in your plugins


Base RSpec plugin

Base plugin which adds ability to use RSpec for your plugin tests


Better Crossprojects

Force private issues on some projects (where you want privacy between clients)


Wiki issue details

Add some textile syntax to display issues attributes inside wiki sections


Asset Pipeline plugin

An experiment to show how Rails' asset pipeline could be activated in Redmine


ITIL Priority plugin

Calculate priroity based on urgency and impact metrics as ITIL suggests


Limited Visibility

Limit visibility of issues by defining custom scopes on each issue


Reports plugin

Include custom graphs in any wiki or issue (needs some ruby/js foo)


Workload Calendar

Builds a week-by-week workload calendar based on versions and load estimates


Theme ministere

A custom theme for french minitry for sustainable development


Redmine scripts

A collection of useful scripts I use to manage my Redmine installations